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The Mystery of Salvation is shown to us clearly from the very first page of Torah. The ancient Torah revealed that the Son or Bar in Hebrew would come as an Asham or sin offering for those who believe in Him. This word Asham being hidden in the word for heaven tells us that our sin offering can only come down from the Heaven above and was never available to us here in the earth by our own hands.

From the first letter of the Ancient Hebrew the Lord Elohim has revealed the Mystery of Salvation through our Savior and Lord Yashua. The Lord Elohim has shown that His plan of Salvation and Resurrection have been in place from the very beginning. Have you ever wondered why and how the Lord Yashua met with Moses and Elijah before the ressurection of the dead, mentioned in the book of the Revelation. This event will happen some 3000 years after the assencion of the Lord. When were they ressurected? How is it that so many believe that there must be a certain event for the ressurection of the dead? What is the scripture really telling us in 1 Thess.4:14. We have seen revealed to us that the old testament saints have already experienced a resurrection as Yashua was still hanging from the cross in Mathew 27:52. This of course was well after the Transfiguration visitation by Moses and Elijah in Math.17:1 who were already resurrected at that time. So who are the saints coming back with Yashua in 1Thess. 4:14. How can they come back unless they have left first. Was John the Babtist one of these resurrected saints? As we study the revealed word of Elohim we will see clearly the event known as the Resurrection.                                                                          THE RESURRECTION OF THE SAINTS :Is the event of the Resurrection of the dead different than the resurrection of the everyday believer as they pass from this life to the next? Yes I believe that it is. The resurrection of the Old Testament saints at Passover was a special event to show the world that Yashua really is the Son of Elohim. Just as three days later He was resurrected from the dead. Those who were raised to life waited until the Lord was raised from the grave before they entered into Jerusalem. This happended just as the ancient scriptures said that it would. Psalms, Isaiah and many others testify to this truth. But this event that we are also looking for is about our resurrection as much as it's about the closing of this present age in time just as their's was a closing of the former covenant. Let's look at some differences between the resurrection at Passover and our future resurrection at Yom Teruah. The former ressurection at Passover had to do with those who were already dead. And there is no mention of any living saints beings changed. This event proved that Yashua is the Son of Elohim and also proved His authority over death and the grave. But we are looking for two things at this time. #1 We are looking for the resurrection of the righteous dead. #2 We are looking for those who are alive and remain to be changed in the twinkling of an eye, 1Thess.4:14. This age is fast approching it's end yet there are many questions still unanswered for the believer. As I look to the scriptures for the answers this one area remains a central point of consuming interest for many of us. The word of Elohim clearly states for us that there will come an event where the righteous living saints will be changed as they are taken from this world. Isaiah 26:20 Go, my people enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until the wrath has passed by. (21) See the Lord is coming out of His dwelling to punish the people of the earth for their sins. This scripture points to a time when the people must be hidden away while the Lord punishes this earth. The term shut the doors has to do with the last service at Yom Kippur WHEN THE DOORS OF HEAVEN ARE SHUT. Those who caught outside will go through tribulation. Math. 25:1 At that time the kingdom of Heaven will be like ten virgins, five were wise and five were foolish. (6) At midnight the cry rang out "here's the BrideGroom come out to meet Him," The foolish asked for oil from the wise because their lamps had gone out. Many of your texts will say going out but the most reliable text says gone out. The wise said to the foolish NO, there may not be enough for all of us. Go and buy from those who sell, and while they were away the Groom came and those who were ready went in with the Groom to the wedding. Later the others came also , Lord,Lord they said, open the door for us. But He replied,"Truely I don't know you." This scripture walks hand in hand with the Isaiah text. The people are put somewhere that the others can't get to and even though they come back to the Lord begging to be accepted, He turns them down. There is a set time and place of the LORD and we must learn it or we will be like those who allowed there lamps to go out. Shalom for now.

So how many people of Elohim have already been ressurected to new life in our Messiah Yashua? The answer will both surprize and relieve many fears for the saints of Elohim.

Our vision and our mission is to reveal through the Holy word of Elohim the revelation of our Messiah Yashua in the ancient Hebrew letters. This we will do to the glory of Elohim our heavenly Father. These mysteries are revealed by the author of  The Messiah Codes, A Blueprint in Time. Library of Gongress copyright ISBN 978-0-9814873-0-4.  None of the writtings on this site may be used without the express written via U.S. Postal mail  written permission with a blue ink wet signature of the publisher. NO EXCEPTIONS. No cutting and pasting allowed. All rights Reserved.