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Walking in the change of the Law
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What did it mean to the early believers in Messiah Yashua to walk in the change of the Law?
What does it mean to present day believers in Messiah Yashua to walk in the change of the Law?

How will this change of the Law effect the change of Priesthood? Or will it?

Will this change of the law/Torah bring about a change of Priesthood? How are we who walk in the Priesthood of Melchizedek under the great High Priest Yashua obey the Torah commands? Are we to do just as our Fathers have done? Have the requirements been done away with, or have they been changed so that we who walk by faith may continue to believe in the unmerited favor shone us at the cross. And yet hold in perfect peace the faith passed down to us by our fathers, Abraham,Issac and Israel. How shall we walk in these commands as new testament believers in the holiness of Sabbath keeping or Passover or Unleavened bread? Are we commanded to keep such days as Holy unto the Lord and continue to honor them even more than our spiritual fathers did? How are we to honor Yashua as Lord of the Shabbat? And how will it effect us if we don't walk in these biblical commands? These and many more questions will be answered in the coming months.  Update- Many at this time teach such things as Kol Nidrei, this is a teaching invented by the Rabbinic during the dark ages to counter those who converted to a belief in the Messiah. At that time many Jews were forced to convert or face death. I do not agree with such practices of the church who forced the whole world at that time to submit to such terrorism. May the Elohim of my fathers repay these men for their evil deeds. But on the other side of this coin, is the misleading of many into a spirit of error. This practice like many in modern Judism is only the imagination of man gone wild. This is not based on the word of Torah or the sound teachings of the faithful men of the past. How is it that so many will set aside the teachings of Moses and Messiah Yashua of whom Msha spoke and accept the teachings of those who say. If you come to a conflict between the Torah and the Rabbis, fallow the Rabbis. COULD THIS ONE TEACHING LEAD MANY TO THIER DOOM?  Let's take a closer look at the service.  Depending on your tradition the following will be more or less the typical service. The lights are kindled before sunset. The day may have some dress in white to reflect purity and no animal skin will be worn.  The white kittle would also reflect the dress of the High Priest as he enters the most holy place. After some greetings the service would begin with the call to prayer. The prayer may include the following, Baruch atah Adonai, Eloheinu melech ha'olam, asher kid'shanu bid'varecha v'natan lanu et Torah'to v'tzivanu l'hiyot owr la'olam. Blessed are you, Adonai our God, King of the universe, who sanctified us by your Word, and commanded us to be a light to the world. After this your congragation may recite some prayers, reminders of the holiness of the day. And in this it would be very hard to see error, because standing on it's face value there is none yet. The Chazzan may say a few words before the congragation and the people are expected to follow with the appropriate reply. That reply may go like this, " All vows,oaths,and pledges which we may be forced to take between this Yom Kippur and the next, of these we repent and these we renounce. Let them all be nullified and voided, and let us be absolved and released. Ect... A we continue we may find the prayer of repentence and the admitting of guilt. We may even find the mention of how the Lord brought the children of Israel out of the bondage of Egypt. And as we continue to confess our faults and the fault of the nation the people the leadership and the whole world we can say with peace of heart, "Blessed are you, Adonai our God, King of the universe Who has kept us alive, sustained us, and brought us to this festive season." We are now sure that we have been absolved of any wrong doing in the eyes of the Lord. But just in case, let us recite the Amidah while standing, followed by Avot, another blessing Gevurot, Kedushat Hashem,Kedushat Hayom, Avodah, Hoda'ah thanksgiving. Later in the service as we confess with a whole heart our sins we are lead to believe that we are now atoned for. By whom were you atoned? Where in all this are we atoned? Where is the blood applied to our hearts and to our lives? The people of Yashua's day saw him die and saw His blood, yet knowing that he died will not atone for the sinner, nor will it save the soul. The blood must be applied. We are big on the shadow of the truth but small on the living reality of truth. This is exactly like the person who spends thier lives at the church. They sing the songs and listen to the music, even shout amen when the Pastor brings the sermon home. They bow thier heads when the church prays and yet for all this they do not know the Lord. My case in point Math.25:1 " At that time the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins....The writer tells us that they represent the kingdom of heaven on earth. Vs.2 Five of them were foolish and five were wise. The foolish did not bring any extra oil for thier lamps. This lack of oil is said to be the Holy Spirit. I don't think that that is completely true.  Rather it is my opinion that this oil is the revelation knowledge that comes from living out the word in Messiah. But it is down in vs.10 that breaks the heart. These people left to buy the oil that they lacked. And while they were gone the bridegroom came and those who were ready went in with the groom. Please read the whole story until it get's on the inside of you. Don't be left behind by foolishness. And in vs.12 "I don't know you." Please make every effort to know the will of our Lord for us, and walk it out by faith.Let us always be sure to follow the teachings of the true words of Elohim and His dear son Yashua. In him we have eternal life and peace with the Father of us all. No Rabbinic or Pastorial teaching can save or heal or set free, only the revealed truth of the blood of the true Messiah applied to your life can do this. Shalom...Tzuriel.

Our vision and our mission is to reveal through the Holy word of Elohim the revelation of our Messiah Yashua in the ancient Hebrew letters. This we will do to the glory of Elohim our heavenly Father. These mysteries are revealed by the author of  The Messiah Codes, A Blueprint in Time. Library of Gongress copyright ISBN 978-0-9814873-0-4.  None of the writtings on this site may be used without the express written via U.S. Postal mail  written permission with a blue ink wet signature of the publisher. NO EXCEPTIONS. No cutting and pasting allowed. All rights Reserved.