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Tzurielteachings: Teaching the Revelation of Yashua through the Holy Spirit.

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The world today follows a system that has departed from the word of the living Elohim. The world can't know what awaits the true believer as we come closer to that day of the tribulation. Some say we can't know but the sacred scripture says differently. Who do you follow? Men have said concerning the scriptures: No man knows the day the time or the hour.    .                                                                                                                                                    But the complete word of Elohim go's on to say in 1 Cor. 2:9 "What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard,and what no human mind has conceived" the things Elohim has prepared for those who love Him- these are the things Elohim has (present tense) revealed to us by His Spirit. The Spirit searches all things even the deep things of Elohim. We declare Elohim's wisdom a mystery that has been hidden and that Elohim destined for our glory before time began. What we have recieved is not the spirit of this world but the Spirit who is from Elohim, so that we may understand what Elohim has freely given us. O.K. THE PLAIN SIMPLE TRUTH IS THAT ELOHIM HAS REVEALED TO US HIS PLAN.                                                                                                                                                 What day was Yashua born on? If you said who's Yashua you have been smothered by the world system. If you said Dec.25 than you have been LIED TO.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Next question: What day did the Lord die on? If you said on Good Friday you have been smothered by the world system. If you said anything but Passover you have been smothered. The question is are you willing to bet your eternal life on what man made systems have said. Remember a half truth is still a whole lie. So let's tell the whole story of the Lord. Did you know that there were many righteous people who were resurrected with the Lord as He was still on the cross. What was this resurrection for. The new covenant believers or was it for the righteous old testament saints of the Lord. Many so called preachers of the gospel say these saints are still in the ground. Not according to the scriptures. Look and see that your preacher is telling the whole truth of Elohim. What He isn't saying could cost you your life.   

Which do you follow? Truth or Tradition, If the Truth were placed in front of you would you know the difference? Did you know that every major event that has happened or will happen in the scriptures occured on a festival day known as the moedim. You will find them in Leviticus 23. But some so-called preachers have said those things were done away with. Look at what Elohim's word says in contrast to what your preacher says. 1corinthians 5:7-8 Therefore keep the festival because Christ your Passover Lamb has been sacrificed. And in Mathew 5:17-18-19 Don't think that I have come to destroy or abolish the Law. I have not come to abolish but to fulfill the Law. Paul in Romans 3:31 Do we then nullify the Law by this faith? God forbid, Rather we uphold the Law by faith.

The truth of Elohim is becoming more and more evident. Even as this world and it's system becomes more and more depraved. What is the world system? The world system can be any man made entity that's suppresses the truth of Elohim. Is your church really preaching the word of God? Or is your church one of the many preaching another gospel apart from the truth of Elohim? Check it out, see that your getting the truth from your pastors. You can't go to God in that day and say Pastor so and so didn't tell me. This is your responsibility to be sure of your salvation. Preachers can't save they can only preach. But if they refuse to preach the whole truth of Elohim. They have made themselves worthless. Only the Savior can save. And only you can make sure your living the true word of Elohim. Shalom

Our vision and our mission is to reveal through the Holy word of Elohim the revelation of our Messiah Yashua in the ancient Hebrew letters. This we will do to the glory of Elohim our heavenly Father. These mysteries are revealed by the author of  The Messiah Codes, A Blueprint in Time. Library of Gongress copyright ISBN 978-0-9814873-0-4.  None of the writtings on this site may be used without the express written via U.S. Postal mail  written permission with a blue ink wet signature of the publisher. NO EXCEPTIONS. No cutting and pasting allowed. All rights Reserved.