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Tzurielteachings: Teaching the Revelation of Yashua through the Holy Spirit.

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Tracking the False messiah in the end times.
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Hebrew Code work: The Return of Messiah
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The mysteries of moedim/appointed times.
Appointed times of the Lord/Moedim
Tracking the false Messiah in the Hebrew Codes
The ANCIENT HEBRAIC codes reveal facts concerning Messiah's appearing and His return.
The Moedim of the Lord are the keys to understanding what TIME events of Elohim will happen. A group of Moedim called the Days of Awe or Awesome Days are the keys to understanding the appearing and the return of our Messiah Yashua. When we understand that the bridal week is for a week of years when the Bride  ie: the Believer IS TAKEN OUT OF THE WAY because she is the one who by faith is holding back the forces of evil. Someone will say "I thought the Holy Spirit was holding back the anti-christ." No, the Ruach-ha-Kodesh works through BELIVERS. And this is what I see as one of the end time events of the enemy of Elohim's word. To split the kingdom as shown in Math.25.See 10 virgins... The kingdom of Elohim will be split in two, but not as much by ha-satan as by the lack of faith by many belivers. Let's take a look at Daniel and split hairs as it were. Daniel 9:26 after the sixty two sevens the Annointed One will be cut off and have nothing. Note: AFTER the 62 sevens... The seven sevens are already accounted for and now the 62 sevens are accounted for... AFTER these 62 sevens the Annointed one/Yashua is cut off. This can only mean that the 3 1/2 years of Yashua's ministry was included and finished in that set of sevens. He was not cut off in the middle of the final seven so that modern day sceptics of Elohim's word could complete the last 3 1/2 years of His ministry and cause many to lose their inheritence. This may seem a bit harsh to some, but I can see no reason for the body of believers to depart from sound doctrin of the Living word. As the scripture tells us, "Let Elohim be true and every man a liar." So how can we understand the truth of the scriptures when we don't really know anything about the moedim/appointed times or seasons of the Lord. Let's start with Ex.12:14 Tells us that these are lasting ordinance of the Lord. Verse 17 tells us to celebrate the feast of unleavened bread that these are lasting ordinances for the generations to come. Verse 20 tells us to celebrate this where ever you live as a lasting ordinance. So should we do this today?  1 Cor. 5:7-8 For Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed. vs.8 Therefore let US KEEP THE FESTIVAL,... These moedim/appointed times from Elohim are how the Bride is making herself ready for the return of the Lord Yashua. Where can I go to learn how to prepare as a part of the bride? The book of Mathew chapter 25 will give us a general overview of the day the time and the hour.

Revelation Keys: Daniel 9:26-27 " He will confirm a covenant with many for one seven... literally a week of years. The question is simple, when will this week happen? Are there any clues to the exact time it will occur? Yes, these events are clearly marked out as Elohim's appointed times. Appoint = To fix or set a time.

 Is it just a coincidence that the bridle week of the Messiah is seven years. And the anti-christ's week of seven years commonly called the covenant of the anti-christ are the very same length of time. The formula is brought out in Daniel that for every day there is a year. We see this same formula used in the exodus of the people of Israel concerning the spies. They were 40 days spying out the land and because all but two gave a bad report that generation died in the desert over a period of 40 years. So what happened to the two spies that gave a good report? They went in to inherit the promise of Elohim. On that VERY SAME DAY 40 years later. And this is what I see in this generation. The faithfull will receive thier promised reward at the promised time. Note: On that day Elohim has planned. The most note worthy of man made doctrin who oppose Elohim's plan is the cutting short of the bridle week. Some want to cut the week down to just 3 1/2 years. Inventing such things as Yashua forefilled the first 3 1/2 and the church will forefill the last 3 1/2. My guess is that because Yashua went up into Heaven around Passover that they will also. Well didn't Yashua first go into the depths of the earth as he said, for 3 full days. So do these 3 days also add more years to this type of understanding? Don't you have to go down first if this is your line of reasoning. And when your finished you still only have 6.5 years not the full seven.

Please pray for our troops and for the peace of Jerusalem...

Our vision and our mission is to reveal through the Holy word of Elohim the revelation of our Messiah Yashua in the ancient Hebrew letters. This we will do to the glory of Elohim our heavenly Father. These mysteries are revealed by the author of  The Messiah Codes, A Blueprint in Time. Library of Gongress copyright ISBN 978-0-9814873-0-4.  None of the writtings on this site may be used without the express written via U.S. Postal mail  written permission with a blue ink wet signature of the publisher. NO EXCEPTIONS. No cutting and pasting allowed. All rights Reserved.